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Subaru Endurance Cup

The Indy 800 Endurance Cup is made up of 3 events and a total of 20 hours so with now 2 events and 12 hours down there is only 8 hour that stand in the way of the Subaru Endurance Cup for 2017.

Round 1 was a 6 hour event held on the 18th March 2017 with a total of 8 teams made up of 4 light and 4 heavy teams. First place in light was taken out by Mitta Mayham Racing earning 150 points towards the Championship. Second in light was 18 Grippers (125p) followed by Buhagiar 4 (100p). Not Fast But Furious put up a great race but retired just before the end of the race. The Heavy class was taken out by Aching Later Racing (150p) with Buhagiar 43 taking a close second place and 125 points. Days of Thunder Racing (100p) came in third with Flat Tyre Warmers (85p) taking fourth place in Heavy. Round 2 was also a 6 hour event held last Saturday evening (July 15th) where a total of 12 teams competed for the first place spot at the end of the night. A total of 5 teams in light battled it out for 6 hours with the first place being awarded to Mitta Mayham Racing (150p) as they did in Round 1. Second place was awarded to Mitta Mayhem 2 (125p) and the final podium place for light went to R We There Yet (100p). Not Fast But Furious earned fourth place for the evening and 85 points towards the championship whilst Buhagiar 4 (43p) retired with just under an hour to go. Heavy was won by Team Indy (150p) with only 5 laps in front of Buhagiar 43 (125p) in second place. Team Slap It & Brap It come in to take third place and 100 points, only 2 laps ahead of Aching Later Racing (85p) in fourth. Blattman Motorsport claimed fifth place and 70 points with Flat Tyre Warmers taking sixth and 55 points for the round. Days of Thunder Racing ran the gauntlet on fuel strategy which saw them retire just 20 minutes from the chequered flag. Round 3 is our annual Russell Hodgskin Memorial Subaru 8 hour Endurance which will be held on the 16th September this year. We are hoping for another great turn out to the event and another great race meeting with all our Suby teams.


Light: 1. Mitta Mayham - 300 2. Buhagiar 4 - 143 3. Not Fast But Furious - 135 4. 18 Grippers - 125 4. Mitta Mayhem 2 - 125 6. R We There Yet - 100 Heavy: 1. Buhagiar 43 - 250 2. Aching Later Racing - 235 3. Team Indy - 150 4. Flat Tyre Warmers - 140 5. Days Of Thunder Racing - 128 6. Slap It & Brap It - 100 7. Blattman Motorsport - 70

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