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Junior J Racers

Our Junior J class here at Indy 800 is another great Championship category that has seen many drivers advance further in their young careers. These kids are aged between 12-16 years old and they, just like our Comer class, also provide some excellent racing for all those down at the track. All karts run a Yamaha KT100J engine and have 2 categories to choose from; Light Class with a minimum weigh of 120kg and, Heavy Class with a minimum weight of 140kg. All drivers are required to run Dunlop SL1's as a series control tyre to give everyone an equal shot to be on the podium.

Junior J also run in our series with a total of 8 round, all being held on a Saturday once a month between February/March - October each year. Each rounds kicks off with a morning practice session, after briefing is a Qualifying Session which gives the grid positions for Heats 1 and 2. Our Heats are all 8 laps each with the combined results from both heats giving the grid positions for the 10 lap Pre Final. The results of Pre Final is then the starting grid for the Final which is the deciding race for the winners of the event. All rounds of the series count towards the 2016 Championship which is decided on results from Pre-Final and Final from each round throughout the year.

This season kicked off on February 20th with a total of 5 Lights. Only a small field although one full of excitement as all the drivers were geared up and eager to race one another. Round 1 win in the Light category was taken out by George MAWAD with Justin GAMBLING finishing in 2nd place and, one of the two females in the class, Jade BELL taking the final spot on the podium. Round 2 saw an increase to 7 competitors with Round 3 having 6 light drivers on track. Round 2 and 3 saw the same podium places for both events with Lewis BUHAGIAR taking out first place, while GAMBLING came in ahead of new comer Jasper FELL. Round 4, with 8 competitors, also had a similar round finish with BUHAGIAR taking out the top step of the podium yet again leaving GAMBLING just short of a round win in second place, BELL taking her second podium finish for the season in 3rd place. Round 5 was our biggest round yet with a total of 9 competitors was our most recent event held of June 25th. BUHAGIAR took out 1st place again with GAMBLING right behind him with just over a 2 second gap to finish in 2nd and Kris ALBRONDA making his first appearance on the podium for our 2016 season. Our last Round was held on July 30th with another great field of 11 drivers. After a great day the win went to BUHAGIAR with second place going to female competitor Tianna DUCK and GAMBLING took 3rd for the weekend.

Heavy class is the smallest in our Junior J category with only 4 entrants so far this season, with the main Championship contenders being Chad NICHOLSON and Andrew SHAH. Both Round 1 and Round 2 was taken out by Chad NICHOLSON, whilst Round 3 was won by Andrew SHAH. Round 4 saw some excellent competition had by both SHAH and NICHOLSON with NICHOLSON finishing ahead of SHAH to claim another 1st place for the season. Round 5 proved a little more competitive for both boys resulting in SHAH beating NICHOLSON to the chequered flag by only 2.243 seconds to claim his first win for the season. At the last event on July 30th we had a total of 3 competitors in the class. After a tough day Corey FRASER wasn't able to finish the final for the day, NICHOLSON took second with the win going to SHAH to claim his third win for the season. Round 7 will be held on September 3rd with Qualifying starting from around 1:00pm, all spectators are welcome so bring your family and head out to catch all of the action.

Junior J LIGHT: Justin GAMBLING, 14yo Kart Chassis: Arrow Race Number: 34 Career highlights: 2nd Place Biggest Rival: Lewis Buhagiar Favourite Driver: Craig Lowndes What class you plan on next: Junior Rotax Driving ambitions: Just for Fun

Sponsors: Other Sports/Interests: Rugby League Pets: none Some of my favourite things: Food: Steak Drink: Apple Juice Movie/Show: Fast & Furious

Thanks: Dad


Junior J HEAVY: Chad NICHOLSON, 15yo Kart Chassis: Arrow XE28 Race Number: 56 Career highlights: First round win Indy 800 Biggest Rival: Lauren Townsend Favourite Driver: Craig Lowndes What class you plan on next: Subaru Driving ambitions: Bathurst in any racecar

Sponsors: Dent Perfection (Dad) Other Sports/Interests: Cool Old Cars Pets: Dog - Lucy Some of my favourite things: Food: Lebanese Drink: Solo/Lift Movie/Show: Top Gear

Thanks: Dad, Competitors, Indy 800


Junior J LIGHT: Tianna Duck, 13yo Kart Chassis: Arrow X2 Race Number: 6 Career highlights: 3rd place Heat 2, Round 5 Biggest Rival: Jade Bell Favourite Driver: Jamie Whincup What class you plan on next: IAME Driving ambitions: V8 Supercar Driver

Sponsors: Duckys Concrete Pumping Other Sports/Interests: Bootcamp & Wakeboarding Pets: Dog & Fish Some of my favourite things: Food: Watermelon Drink: Watermelon Crush -Boost Juice Movie/Show: none

Thanks to: My Father


Junior J LIGHT: Daniel VELLA, 11yo Kart Chassis: Arrow AX9 Race Number: 7 Career highlights: Improving my times Biggest Rival: Jade Bell Favourite Driver: Craig Lowndes What class you plan on next: J-Max Driving ambitions: Standing on the podium

Sponsors: Aquatic Pool Cleaning, Tricked Out Rides Other Sports/Interests: Soccer, AFL & NRL Pets: 2 Dogs and a bird Some of my favourite things: Food: Beef Ribs Drink: Mountain Dew Movie/Show: All Fast and Furious movies

Thanks to: Parents for all their support and money


Junior J LIGHT: Jade BELL, 12yo Kart Chassis: Arrow X2 Race Number: 48 Career highlights: Meeting the great people I have Biggest Rival: Lewis Favourite Driver: Mum What class you plan on next: IAME Driving ambitions: Come 1st or 2nd so far

Sponsors: Vards Graphics, Mittagong Mechanical, Buhagiar Racing Other Sports/Interests: Netball Pets: 2 dogs Some of my favourite things: Food: Chocolate Drink: Iced Tea Movie/Show: Divergent

Thanks: My Parents


Junior J HEAVY: Andrew SHAH, 15yo Kart Chassis: Arrow XE Race Number: 19 Career highlights: Pole position for heavy and win Biggest Rival: Chad Favourite Driver: Nico Rosberg What class you plan on next: TaG Restricted Driving ambitions: Formula 1 Driver

Sponsors: none Other Sports/Interests: Motorsport Pets: Dog,Fish, Turtle, Bird Some of my favourite things: Food: Burger Drink: Redbull & Coke Zero Movie/Show: Top Gear and Formula 1

Thanks: Parents for funding me


COMER: Lewis BUHAGIAR, 12yo Kart Chassis: PCR Race Number: 3 Career highlights: Junior 4 Stroke Driver of the Year Biggest Rival: Justin Gambling Favourite Driver: Chaz Mostert What class you plan on next: J-Max or Subaru Driving ambitions: V8 Supercars

Sponsors: Tuff E Nuff Racing, Buhagiar Racing Other Sports/Interests: Rugby League Pets: Labrador - Chudleigh Some of my favourite things: Food: Pizza Drink: Water

Movie/Show: Fast & Furious

Thanks: Mum & Dad


Photo Source: S Vaughan Motorsport Photography -visit their website or Facebook page.

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