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10 aPRIL 2021


After nearly 3 weeks of closure and 2 weeks of non-stop cleaning and moving we are back up and running again for all bookings and private kart sessions.
The team did an amazing job today and tonight getting everything ready.








We are still on a temporary phone so there may be some delays to get through to us.

All sessions will run as usual but without any lap timing available until we can get the equipment fixed or replaced, this may take a little longer.
We still aren't quite there yet with our renovations and repairs so please bare with us

BUT we are looking forward to having our customers back on track again.

Track - Kart Testing 9.4.2021.jpg

March 2021 flood photos

Labelled Flood Ariel.jpg
Indy 800 Kart Track - 25 March 2021
Track 26.3.2021.jpg
Inside Shed - 27 Mar 2021
Track 27 Mar 2021 watermarked.jpg
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