Subaru Endurance Cup

July 19, 2017

The Indy 800 Endurance Cup is made up of 3 events and a total of 20 hours so with now 2 events and 12 hours down there is only 8 hour that stand in the way of the Subaru Endurance Cup for 2017.


Round 1 was a 6 hour event held on the 18th March 2017 with a total of 8 teams made up of 4 light and 4 heavy teams. First place in light was taken out by Mitta Mayham Racing earning 150 points towards the Championship. Second in light was 18 Grippers (125p) followed by Buhagiar 4 (100p). Not Fast But Furious put up a great race but retired just before the end of the race. The Heavy class was taken out by Aching Later Racing (150p) with Buhagiar 43 taking a close second place and 125 points. Days of Thunder Racing (100p) came in third with Flat Tyre Warmers (85p) taking fourth place in Heavy.

Round 2 was also a 6 hour event held last Saturday evening (July 15th) where a total of 12 teams competed for the first place spot at the end of the night. A total of 5 teams in light battled it out for 6 hours with the first place being awarded to Mitta Mayham Racing (150p) as they did in Round 1. Second place was awarded to Mitta Mayhem 2 (125p) and the final podium place for light went to R We There Yet