Indy 800 Comer Class

May 28, 2016

Year after year, the comer class proves its popularity by the continuous rise in the number of competitors. The kids in the class age between 7-11 years and even though they are only young, they still manage to provide a good show for their supporters, spectators and officials alike. They must all run Comer S80 or Comer SW80 engines and have a minimum weight to reach of 90kg (kart and driver). All drivers are required to run Dunlop SL1 Rookie tyres as a series control tyre to give every competitor as equal an opportunity as possible. Having these rules in place makes the racing closer and helps the competitors to learn kart control and invaluable driving skills.


Indy 800 Racing Series has a total of 8 rounds with the series kicking off in February/March each year and Ends in October. Each round gives all classes a morning practice session, Qualifying, 2 heats of 8 laps each, a Pre Final consisting of 10 laps and a Final of 12 laps with the winners decided by the Final of the night. All rounds are competed here at Indy 800 Kart Track which is generally run once a month from the start of the season. Points are accumulated for each round which go towards the series Championship for each class. Our 2015 season saw a total of 9 rounds for the series, being our biggest year yet with an average number of 80 competitors each round across all classes. Recently stepping out of Comers is Jake Beattie and Dylan De Bono; both boys running Mini Max in the Australian Pro Tour series this year. Beattie and De Bono are doing great and are both enjoying the series which takes them all around Australia from South Australian, Melbourne and all the way up to Ipswich, Queensland.


Racing series for 2016 kicked off in February with Round 1 held on 20th February. The comer class also kicked off great with a total field of 10 karts. The round win was taken out by Jordan Shalala, with Oliver Saade right behind him, while Daniel Walsh took out third place. Round 2 held on 12th March with a total of 11 drivers in comers. A disqualification put Alex Stephan in first place, while brothers Oliver Saade and Elijah Saade took out second and third place. Round 3 was held on April 9th and although we saw a smaller number of competitors in the comer class with only 7 drivers, this did not effect the quality of racing the youngsters put on for everyone. Some tight battles were had throughout the field, with the first place podium taken by Jordan Shalala, Hayden Crossland stepped on to the podium for his first time this season while Alex Stephan took out third place for the round. May 7th, Round 4 managed a field of 10 competitors, the win taken out again by Jordan Shalala by 2 tenths of a second, with Marcel Gardonyi beating Hayden Corssland to line by 5 tenths of a second.


Round 5 will be held on June 25th with Qualifying starting from around 12:30pm, all spectators are welcome so bring your family and head out to catch some of the action.


Kart Chassis: Arrow
Race Number: 55
Career highlights: Not Spinning
Biggest Rival: Myself
Favourite Rider: Valentino Rossi
What class you plan on next: Mini Max
Driving ambitions: F1

Sponsors: Insight Integration
Other Sports/Interests: Judo & Rugby League
Pets: Steggie, Godzilla & Muto
Some of my favourite things:
Food: Tomatoes & Cucumber
Drink: Water
Movie/Show: Space & Beyond

Thanks: Indy 800 for family friendly racing 

COMER: Oliver SAADE, 8yo
Kart Chassis: Arrow
Race Number: 88
Career highlights: 46.0s at Butterfly Farm, April 2016
Biggest Rival: Myself
Favourite Driver: Lewis Hamilton
What class you plan on next: Rookie
Driving ambitions: Porsche Cup/ V8 Supercars

Sponsors: Fast Car Beds
Other Sports/Interests: basketball, soccer, running
Pets: Cows and goat
Some of my favourite things:
Food: Snak Shak bacon and egg roll
Drink: Lemonade
Movie/Show: Yogi Bear & Top Gear

Thanks to: Dad


COMER: Elijah SAADE, 7yo
Kart Chassis: Arrow
Race Number: 4
Career highlights: 3rd on podium, 47.40 at Butterfly Farm
Biggest Rival: Oliver
Favourite Driver: Scott McLaughlin
What class you plan on next: Rookie
Driving ambitions: Go Karting, Motorsports

Sponsors: Fast Car Beds
Other Sports/Interests: Soccer, Basketball
Pets: Cows and goat
Some of my favourite things:
Food: Steak and Chips, Mushroom Sauce
Drink: Sprite
Movie/Show: Inside Out

Thanks to: Dad

COMER: Jordan SHALALA, 10yo
Kart Chassis: CRG
Race Number: 25
Career highlights: Coming from 5th to 4th then back to 5th then to 1st, Then to 2nd and finally winning in round 3
Biggest Rival: Hayden Crossland
Favourite Driver: Lewis Hamilton
What class you plan on next: Mini Max
Driving ambitions: Keep getting better and running in good places

Sponsors: Shalala Smash Repairs
Other Sports/Interests: Rugby League
Pets: Dog - Tiny
Some of my favourite things:
Food: Spaghetti
Drink: Lemonade
Movie/Show: Fast and Furious 7

Thanks to: My dad