Welcome to Our Website..

Indy 800 is a well established track in Sydney located at Wilberforce NEW SOUTH WALES.
We are just outside of Windsor an easy 50 minute drive from the CBD.

This site provides information on activities and services that are available at Indy 800 ranging from Sprint Racing, Handicap Racing, Endurance Racing and Kart hire .

As many people know entering into Go Karting can be daunting and there are several options available.

However no one seems to cater specifically to the beginner Karter of any age to try the sport and see if it is for them.

Indy 800 offers a low cost entry level venue on a challenging track to learn the art of Motor Sport in a manner that will not cost as much as other alternatives around.

We believe we offer something unique to the family and the beginner Karter all the way through to Senior Karters that allow a full range of services and events to participate in at an affordable level.

So Welcome to our site, enjoy look around and consider us for you next event.

Indy 800 Events Management Team